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Lash Line Enhancement

Enhance THE BEAUTY OF Your Natural LASHES:

At our spa, we offer the exquisite art of lash line enhancement—a technique that creates a fine powdering of pigment along the upper eyelid. Unlike permanent eyeliner tattoos, this natural enhancement subtly defines and enhances your eyes. Experience the beauty of lash line enhancement with Alessandra, our skilled professional, for just $400.

Lash Lift and Tint
Lash Lift After

Imagine waking up every day with perfectly defined eyes that beautifully frame your face. Embrace the convenience and confidence that lash line enhancement brings. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your natural beauty and transform your look.

To book your appointment, we require a $100 deposit that will be deducted from your total. We understand that plans may change, so if you need to cancel, kindly provide a minimum of 48 hours notice. Please note that booking fees are non-refundable.

Contact us today to schedule your lash line enhancement appointment and discover the magic that awaits you at our spa. Let us create a mesmerizing look that will leave you feeling radiant and empowered.

Book now and unlock the captivating allure of lash line enhancement!

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